AngularJS MVC Architecture and Components

AngularJS MVC Architecture and Components

Author: Syed Arshad Sultan

What is MVC:

AngularJS MVC Architecture – In this tutorial we have discussed what is MVC and how work in AngularJS. The Model View Controller (MVC) is an architectural pattern for Software / Web Development. MVC that separates an application into three main logical components Model (M), View (V), and Controller.

The MVC pattern is made up of the following three components:

AngularJS MVC Architecture
Angularjs Architecture Diagram

AngularJS Components:

Before building your first AngularJS app, you should be aware of the different components of AngularJS.


The Model data shown to the users. The model data are simple POJOs (Plain Old JavaScript Objects).


This is what the users see when they visit your page, that is to say after the raw HTML template involving directives and expressions is compiled and linked with correct scope.


The business logic that drives your application.


A context that holds data models and functions. A controller usually sets these models and functions in the scope.


Something that teaches HTML new syntax. It extends HTML with custom elements and attributes.


Expressions are represented by {{}} in the HTML. They are useful for accessing scope models and functions.


HTML with additional markup in the form of directives (<drop-zone/>) and expressions {{}}.

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